SMT-V: The Society for Music Theory Videocast Journal

SMT-V is the open-access, peer-reviewed video journal of the Society for Music Theory. Founded in 2014, SMT-V publishes video essays that showcase the latest research in music theory in a dynamic, audiovisual format. The journal features a supportive and collaborative production process, and publishes three to four videos per year. Read more about SMT-V here.

Latest Issue: 4.2 (September 2018)


“Anne Young’s Musical Games (1801): Music Theory, Gender, and Game Design”

Carmel Raz (Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics)

In 1801, the Scottish music theorist Anne Young (1756-1827) created an elaborate board game set designed to teach musical fundamentals. This video offers some thoughts on the creation and reception of her works, contextualizing their creation and reception within the history of education in late eighteenth century Britain.

Keywords: history of music theory, history of music pedagogy, educational games, women in music theory

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