Volume 6 (2020)

Sensitivity, Intimacy, and Bodily Interaction in Kurtág’s Four-Handed Piano Works

Cecilia Oinas (Sibelius Academy)


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György Kurtág’s four-handed piano works often demonstrate a highly unorthodox distribution of the primo and second parts in which the embodied, physical interactions between the two pianists play a central role in the composition. A sense of the variety of ways in which this interaction can be realized may be witnessed in two movement’s from Kurtág’s Games (Játékok) VII: “Flowers we are . . .” (Virág az ember…”) and “Beating Quarreling” (“ Verés - veszekedés”).

Piano Duos: (1) György Kurtág (1926– ) and Márta Kurtág (1927–2019); (2) Maija Parko and Cecilia Oinas. Permission to use Kurtág’s compositions in this article generously granted by © Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest.

Keywords: Kurtág, four-hand piano music, post-war music, musical embodiment.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.30535/smtv.6.1


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